The Foster Name Website

Welcome to the Foster Name Website. The name is not that common; but it is not that rare either. It started in England and at various locations within England and spread, as migrations started, to Ireland and America and elsewhere where English-speaking people went.

Foster Origins

There are probably three inter-related English surnames, Forrester (or Forester), Forster, and Foster.  I have covered here the Fosters and the Forsters as the Forsters have sometimes lost their "r's" in their travels.

If your name is Forster or as a Foster you can detect a Northumbrian link in your family, then you have a very distinctive ancestry.  Otherwise there appear to be a number of origins for the name.  Foster as in foster child appears to have originated in Essex.  However, in general, Foster is more of a northern English name than a southern one.

This Website

My mother's maiden name was Foster.  She did not know too much about her Foster forebears.  So, to comemmorate her, we sought to trace her ancestry back.  Thiis is still a work in progress.  We also decided to develop a wider Foster family history so that we may be able to put our family into context.

This then is my own personalized rambling through the Foster history. It is meant more as a good read for Foster (and Forster) enthusiasts like myself. Some good stories are to be found (there are links from the text to the web story page).  And those tracing their roots and ancestors may find some useful pointers here.

I welcome your feedback and your queries and comments.

Colin Shelley